How to choose the right tattoo and have a great experience overall

Choosing your next tattoo is always an exciting and important process. For those who don’t take the permanence of a tattoo lightly there are plenty of things to consider before committing. Tampa as whole is a busy and bustling place with tons to distract you but trust us you’ll want to consider these things before setting an appointment:


Step 1: Style

First and foremost you’ll want to decide the style you want your tattoo to be. Nowadays  there have never been more options to choose from. Styles such as American traditional, Japanese, fine line black and grey, realism, new school, neo-traditional, and geometric tattoos seem to be the main popular options; Each having sub genres within each category. We usually recommend thinking about your general aesthetic and style. How do you dress, what's your look. Remember tattoos are something you wear for a lifetime so we recommend picking something classic and timeless which can complement your current style yet still be wearable as you grow and change as a person. Our shop in seminole heights, caters to all styles. We have an artist that can match almost any need you may have!

Step 2: Artists

Once you've chosen the style you're looking for your next step of finding an artist should be much easier. Take a look at each artists portfolio. Do they specialize in your style? Are the pictures in their portfolio something you'd be happy to wear? Remember their portfolio is their formal representation of their work so that is the key. If you like what's in their book chances are you’ll like the tattoo they do for you. Finally, a good personal connection between you and the artist helps. Remember chances are you’ll be with them one on one for a few hours so enjoying each others company always helps.

Step 3: Placement

First off, don't start with your hands, neck or face. In the new age of soundcloud rappers it’s only a matter of time before you regret a jobstopper tattoo. Choose a placement that you will enjoy but also fits the general shape of the design you want. Your artist will probably have recommendations on size, and placement, and general input. It’s important to listen to them as they are there to help you get the best tattoo possible.

Step 4: Set An Appointment

As much as you want to walk in and get your tattoo now, making an appointment is always best. It shows your artist you care about the quality of your tattoo and respect their time and artistry enough to make an appointment.

Step 5: Eat Beforehand

Tampa and seminole heights alike are known for their foodie spots. Having a decent meal beforehand will allow you to sit longer for your tattoo and make it slightly less painful. We recommend something not too light but also not heavy enough that it’ll make you sick.

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