Micaela loves tattoos because they go so much deeper than skin. For over 5000 years, we have been marking ourselves – cultures all across the globe engage in this very human urge to create images of who and what we are. Tattoos blur the lines between art and life, giving us a freedom to express and discover ourselves. She loves to witness the transformations that take place throughout the tattoo process, a ritual alchemy that tests and rewards both the giver and receiver of the ink. She began tattooing professionally in 2015 after an apprenticeship at Visionary Ink Body Art Studio. Prior to this, she received her Bachelors of Art degree from the University of South Florida, where she fell in love with painting. She loves creating custom tattoos, and gravitates towards black-work and flora & fauna designs, but she enjoys exploring all styles and content. She is also delving into the hand-poked medium, and loves the organic expressiveness of working by hand, dot by dot. She is honored to create on living canvas, and aims to learn and grow on every step of her journey.