Professor or “the mad” professor started tattooing in Detroit in 1986. Having been one of the earliest tattoo artists in Detroit he spearheaded the movement for sterility in tattooing, being there were no regulations, most tattooers didn’t even wear gloves. Inspired by artists such as Guy Aitchison,Paul booth,Tom Renshaw, as well as a myriad of others,then only available in tattoo magazines.

Having won many awards through out the years, he is a prolific convention artist as well as a shop artist. Traveling all across America, he has worked in many different styles, and techniques mastering the signature style he is known for, while being able to switch to many other styles fluidly.

Professor has been in the Tampa area for 24 years working along side of many of the areas best artists. He has become one of the many artists currently at Visionary Ink Tattoos, and works mainly in the custom/cover up area finding it an exciting challenge to transform and enhance what was, with what it can be!